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:iconknuckleschuckleplz::iconsaysplz:*steals away points* Thank you!
*theme song plays*

Knuckles -Deal With It- Stamp (Request) by Natakiro

:iconcollabsfriendsonly: <-- The only collaborations I'm good with involve writing fan-fictions from role-playing with someone.
But if you ask me to role-play with you to make a collaboration on fan-fiction writing, please be sure to check out my interests so you'll know what I'm interested in. Otherwise I won't role-play or write about things that involve stuff I don't like or that is not mentioned in my interests list.
I also enjoy voice-acting/impersonations as well, so if there's a project you're working on that I may take interest in, then feel free to private message me. Registered & Protected 
05DQ-6DPE-TFHR-CPFS <-- All of my works are registered/protected through this website.

:iconnocopy1plz::iconnocopy2plz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz::iconatsd1::iconatsd2::iconatsd3::icondontshareplz-one::icondontshareplz-two::iconstop1plz::iconstop2plz::iconstop3plz::iconstop4plz:


(Listed In Order Of Top Priorities; But Might Jump Around Too Or Even Work On Them At The Same Time!)
I made this so I won't forget anything since I tend to have tons of ideas going on, but might not always have them finished for One of these possible reasons:
I might not always have the time to do so, Ran out of ideas, On a break, Might not be in the mood, OR Lack of inspiration. However, nonetheless I will make sure to get these done whenever I can.
My other purpose for this is so you'll know what future works to possibly expect from me.

Literature: (Current Status: Planning to work on both fan-fictions, mostly focused on getting the TF2 one finished. Might work on Outlast fan-fiction when "Outlast 2" comes out to help get me back on track as well as new characters and such.)

"Outlast Fan-Fiction: Female Reader-Insert _ Chapter 4" :star-empty:

"Team Fortress 2(TF2) Fan-Fiction: RED Team - Pyro x Medic (Yaoi)" for one of my bestest friends, F-Eagie -- :star-half: Started on April 19th, 2014. ((Wanting to make this as perfect as I can and make it a long story, but I am keeping ideas to hold onto.))

"Far Cry 3 Fan-Fiction: Female Reader-Insert x Vaas Montengro" :star-empty:
(Suggested by my friend 4NGRYW0LF. :hug:)
((It will be quite awhile before I can get started. Currently I need to get tons of information about the game and its characters along with the settings before I can begin writing. However, so far I have a pretty good canonical portrayal of Vaas, but writing the actual fan-fiction itself needs to be thought of well.))


Drawings: (Current Status: Working at my own pace.)

"Journey" (2012 Video Game) - Traditional Fan Art :star-empty:
"Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee" - Traditional Fan Art of a "Slig" :star-empty:
"Robots (2005 Movie)" - Traditional Fan Art of "Madame Gasket" and "Ratchet" :star-empty:
"SCP Containment Breach" - Traditional Fan Art :star-empty:

"El Chavo: Animado" - Traditional Fan Art of Don Ramón, Quico and El Chavo :star-empty:
(Need to practice drawing Humans; Need to practice with the art style)

"Grand Theft Auto" series - Traditional Fan Art of "Tommy Vercetti (Vice City)", "Claude Speed (GTA 3)", "Lance Ryder (San Andreas)" and "Trevor Philips (GTA 5)" :star-empty:

Star System:
:star-empty: = Not Started (don't worry, I always make sure to get to them when I can!)
:star-half: = Started On/Work In Progress or Half-Way Done
:star: = Complete, but still needs to be posted or Review everything to make sure there aren't any major mistakes before posting

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Sorry for spamming up your inbox with this. ^^; I'm just re-posting this because I really want to leave my previous "Webcam" journal on my front page for a bit of decoration, but because I really wanted to post that other journal with the major coincidence about my fan-character, this website has the journal feature implemented in a way that it would instead only show the "recently posted" rather than a "choose what I want to show" type of feature, hence why I'm making a re-post so I could still keep my profile decorated a bit.

Mass Effect 3 (Citadel DLC) - Dancing Vorcha by AncientEchidna

Side Note: I do NOT own any of these images!


AncientEchidna's Profile Picture
Jek ’Zek
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


deviantID picture made by my best cupcake-chum: :iconmitchenstein:Mitchenstein :huggle:
Skirmisher Major © HALO: REACH | HALO © BUNGiE/343-Industries/Microsoft

:iconancientechidna: <-- My Icon's Drawing is Made By :iconian-exe:Ian-exe
Full Sized Drawing:…
Proof that I can use it as my icon:…

My vocal collaboration with my friend Villdyret (over on FurAffinity):…

The reason why my tag line says "Where Fantasy comes to Life~":

Since I'm known to draw a lot of fan-related works (other than trying to step out of that comfort-zone to try something Original for once) as well as have participated in role-playing and writing fan-fictions (along with reader-inserts), I've been planning to try and take a newer interest with making photo-manipulations where I take a real life photo that I did and then draw over it to make it seem like as if a fantasy character was "brought to life" in the real world.
Still confused? If you know the 1988 movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", then think of the concept like that in which how Toons could coexist in the real world (e.g. The Toon Patrol).

It's a really big interest of mine (as well as an obsession) that I favorite since I'm sure enough that at some point, a lot of people have wanted their favorite characters to exist, right?

Well, when I can find time to manage practicing in learning how to photo-manipulate and even make paper-childs, it'll become a frequent hobby of mine that I'll enjoy~

But until then, feel free to enjoy other works that I've made and will continue to make~
((Since it'll take me awhile to get used to this new interest that I want to practice with and test things out to see if I'll like doing that often or not.))

---- Registered & Protected 

Webcam (Done MY Way)Since webcams are no longer a widget on deviantART, I am keeping this journal on my front page to act as a "webcam widget" since I still want to keep this TF2 image on my profile without it messing up my devID and making it look like trash since the image is too big, so it won't fit in my devID properly and can't be fully seen.
I may start to include more images if I find any that I like. Also adding videos I like too.
Side Note: I do NOT own any of these images or videos!
As the years go by, a lot of things change eh?UPDATE (2015)!: All of my interests are towards the middle/end of this journal, followed by a bit of "Question and Answer" at the very bottom!
I can remember the very first day I joined deviantART like it was only yesterday. I figured discussing this since I've noticed that I've really changed over the years from being not so sociable, to being sociable and open to new friends on this website. Including the many different interests that I've had change over the years.
Plus, with it being 2014 now; I guess I should do some kind of recap of my experience of being here for nearly 5 years now I suppose and bring in at least some kind of 2014 made journal entry since I rarely use journal entries anyways. :shrug:
I was the biggest "Sonic The Hedgehog" fanatic at the time, but at the same time I was a very shy person not being very sociable in real life nor having that many friends. I always liked to draw more back then, rather than comparing to today since I d

Adopted Son: :iconwerewolfnightmare101: Rysa 'Sazotee :hug:


Since people are obviously going to want to know more about me, I might as well just say a few things but this is all I will say.

At times I prefer to be acknowledged as genderless (which is what "Other" stands for with me if I have my gender status set as "Other" instead of "Male"); the reason I go for genderless is because I know for a fact that gender does not define a person for who they are or their personality, so why should gender even matter to me? Regardless of my gender, I can't help but want to have no gender at all since I care about a person for who they are, and not the parts that they were born with. I also tend to be referred as "genderfluid" at times, because again, I don't care what people refer me as; so if you want to call me a him, her, they, it, that, thing, whatever you wanna come up with, I really don't care. So don't worry about offending me, because if anything, gender labeling is the very least of my concerns.

I'm a bit of a loner who tends to be anti-social as well, but this does not mean I'd be rude if you wish to talk to me. If you want to talk to me that's fine, I won't ignore you or be rude, but please don't expect me to be very talkative if I don't even know you all that well or if we're not close friends (or if I feel nervous around you since I'm sensitive with trust issues). I'm not really interested in making any more friends than the current ones I already have that I'm comfortable and happy with, but that does not mean I'll completely stop making friends if I see any good potential that we could become friends or something. I dunno. Whatever happens, it'll just happen. :shrug:

As for relationships/orientations, I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request ((which means "No", I won't tell you)) if you ask about it because my personal life is nobody's business but my own (and a few very close friends that I've known for a long time I can trust to tell since they may know as well, but that's it). Regardless of whether I am in a relationship in or outside this website or not, don't even bother to ask if I can "date you", this place was not created to be a dating website (this was created to be an ART website), so don't even try to bother asking me ((I'm only here to view everyone's works as well as post my own)); I'm NOT Interested, you're NOT going to find out what my personal business is, and If you continue to harass or pester me about "dating" you or somebody we both know (e.g. share the same friend, etc.), consider yourself blocked and no longer my "friend" because at that point I really won't care anymore if you can't even respect my personal space and preference. I'm able to respect and understand some of my closest friends might think I'm a "nice guy" and would end up wanting to ask, but please spare yourself from the embarrassment and not ask me because I'm just going to decline your question. Sorry.

There's really not much left about me except for a rambling list of all of my interests, but nothing else really. ^^; The only thing left to say is that I'm also a bit of a taciturn ((one who doesn't really vocalize, I'm not deaf at all but it's just that I really don't like to vocalize unless I'm either singing or voice-acting for fun, or talking to a friend but mostly I'm a listener)) in real life, so most of my communication is done through typing since I'm a better writer than I am at vocalizing.

Current Residence: Hanuda Village
Personal Quote: “You humans are all racist.” ~ Turian Commuter - Mass Effect 2

Public comments by paramoreSUCKSDying eye + stamp + by CheyenneRalphsPhotosSpat Fan by Atlanta-Hammy:thumb534417234:
Genki Stamp by badtraneMatt Miller Stamp (SR3) by Tangerine-CatnipI HEART ZIN by DerpyHooves90Twins Fan by 1Bitter1SugarMixed
RIP Dave Brockie STAMP by 13surgeriesGwar STAMP by 13surgeriesGWAR stamp by EllenocalypseGWAR stamp 2 by Ellenocalypse

No Flirt Stamp by mediodia91Dont Hit on Me Stamp by SparkLumAsshole-Stamp by Dinoclawsbetter that way... by BrejchovaI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte
Writing and Typing by WaywardSoothsayerFav and run support stamp by electric-purple

You can find much more about my interests, information and username meaning here:…


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