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Knuckles -Deal With It- Stamp (Request) by Natakiro

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Jek ’Zek
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


deviantID picture made by my best cupcake-chum: :iconmitchenstein:Mitchenstein :huggle:
Skirmisher Major © HALO: REACH | HALO © BUNGiE/343-Industries/Microsoft


My Medic~ --> :iconf-eagie::iconancientechidna:

Medic and Pyro © Team Fortress 2 (TF2) | Team Fortress 2 (TF2) © Valve

((My Boyfriend: ODSTshane - ❤ September 25th, 2013 - 06:52 A.M.))

---- Registered & Protected 


Current Residence: Hanuda Village
Personal Quote: “You humans are all racist.” ~ Turian Commuter - Mass Effect 2

Spat Fan by Atlanta-HammyMy Majesty by KaosahKain The Vampire by praveen3dMetal Sonic Stamp by Mecha-maniacBlack Doom Stamp by oceanographergrlErectin' a Stamp by KittyTheNekoAlienMass Effect Stamp - 'Reapers' by SitarPlayerIXPublic comments by paramoreSUCKSStamp: It Isn't by RottedStamps

You can find much more about my interests and my username meaning here:…

Q: Where else can I find you? :?
A: I'm not really on that many websites at all to be perfectly honest, so don't expect much in "trying to find me" anywhere else on any other websites. And if you start to find someone on a website with a username like mine, do NOT always assume that it's me! Other people can have the same username as somebody else on other websites too(regardless if coincidental or done on purpose) can happen like that. If you really want to know who I am on what websites, then just note me and I'll let you know which one is really me or not.
(Unless of course you're some enemy stalker of mine, then there's obviously no chance you're going to get a damn thing from me. :| I like to stay private for a reason people, deal with it!)

Q: Why do you have comments disabled?
A: A very good question to ask. I understand that comments are an important requirement to let you know many things as to what things you may need to work on, and hey I'm open to accepting your opinions and I'll respect them(just stop on by and drop in a comment here on my page or even leave a note and I'll get back to you when I can whenever I come back online). The reason I have comments disabled is mostly because I'm no longer on here. I haven't quite abandoned this website entirely but I don't have the time to keep track of every single little comment I'd get on every deviation I have(especially when I'm not actively online anymore). Definitely if I had a lot of deviations then there's no way of me to keep track especially if people can start arguments in the comment section without you noticing in any deviation, so it's just best for me to keep things organized and under control.

A: Well then congratulations! If you've encountered me and not an impersonation((though if you want to be sure, just ask me if I was out the day you "saw my Mii")), then hey thanks for taking the time to look up my personified name and checking out my "deviantART" as well! Now your goal is to just figure out what I look like! :XD: Good Luck~! :mwahaha:



(Listed In Order Of Top Priorities; But Might Jump Around Too Or Even Work On Them At The Same Time!)
I made this so I won't forget anything since I tend to have tons of ideas going on, but might not always have them finished for One of these possible reasons:
I might not always have the time to do so, Ran out of ideas, On a break, Might not be in the mood, OR Lack of inspiration. However, nonetheless I will make sure to get these done whenever I can.
My other purpose for this is so you'll know what future works to possibly expect from me.

Literature: (Current Status: Planning to work on both fan-fictions; Getting used to new laptop)

"Outlast Fan-Fiction: Female Reader-Insert _ Chapter 4" :star-empty:

"Team Fortress 2(TF2) Fan-Fiction: RED Team - Pyro x Medic (Yaoi)" for one of my bestest friends, F-Eagie -- :star-half: Started on April 19th, 2014. ((On hold; wanting to make this as perfect as I can and make it a long story, but I am keeping ideas to hold onto.))

"Far Cry 3 Fan-Fiction: Female Reader-Insert x Vaas Montengro" :star-empty:
(Suggested by my friend 4NGRYW0LF. :hug:)
((It will be quite awhile before I can get started. Currently I need to get tons of information about the game and its characters along with the settings before I can begin writing. However, so far I have a pretty good canonical portrayal of Vaas, but writing the actual fan-fiction itself needs to be thought of well.))


Drawings: (Current Status: Working at my own pace.)

"Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures" - Traditional Fan Art of "Betrayus", "Doctor Buttocks and Butt-ler", "Apex and Professor Pointy-Brains", "Count Pacula"
"Pac-Man 20th Anniversary" - Traditional Fan Art of "Toc-Man", "Professor Pac" and "Chomp Chomp the Dog"

"Journey" (2012 Video Game) - Traditional Fan Art :star-empty:
"GoRiLLaZ" (Band) - Traditional Fan Art of "Murdoc Niccals" :star-empty:
"Futurama" - Traditional Fan Art of "Robot Devil" and "Roberto" :star-empty:

"The Simpsons" - Traditional Fan Art of "Robert 'Sideshow Bob' Terwilliger and Cecil Terwilliger", "Morris "Moe" Szyslak", "Mr. Burns and Waylon Smithers Junior", "Patty Bouvier and Selma Bouvier", "Snake Jailbird", "Nelson Muntz", "Apu Nahasapeemapetilon", "Kang and Kodos"

"Homestuck" - Traditional Fan Art of "Kurloz Makara" and "Gamzee Makara" :star-empty:
"Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee" - Traditional Fan Art of a "Slig" :star-empty:
"SCP Containment Breach" - Traditional Fan Art :star-empty:
"Monsters INC." - Traditional Fan Art of "Randall "Randy" Boggs"
"Disney: A Bug's Life" - Traditional Fan Art of "Hopper" and "Thumper" :star-empty:

"Sonic The Hedgehog" - Age comparison drawings of my Echidna fan character/persona(both female and male version). :star-empty: (Need a lot of practice; Ideas are saved)

"El Chavo: Animado" - Traditional Fan Art of Don Ramón, Quico and El Chavo :star-empty:
(Need to practice drawing Humans; Need to practice with the art style)

"Grand Theft Auto" series - Traditional Fan Art of "Tommy Vercetti (Vice City)", "Claude Speed (GTA 3)", "Lance Ryder (San Andreas)" and "Trevor Philips (GTA 5)" :star-empty:

Star System:
:star-empty: = Not Started (don't worry, I always make sure to get to them when I can!)
:star-half: = Started On/Work In Progress or Half-Way Done
:star: = Complete, but still needs to be posted or Review everything to make sure there aren't any major mistakes before posting


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