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:iconknuckleschuckleplz::iconsaysplz:*steals away points* Thank you!
*theme song plays*

Knuckles -Deal With It- Stamp (Request) by Natakiro

:iconcollabsfriendsonly: <-- The only collaborations I'm good with involve writing fan-fictions from role-playing with someone.
I'm fine with either format whether it be Script or Paragraph writing, I don't mind (but in the final production when I post it in my Gallery I will have to put it in Paragraph format for the sake of respecting other writers who would like to read what we made together in our collaboration).
But if you ask me to role-play with you to make a collaboration on fan-fiction writing, please be sure to check out my interests so you'll know what I'm interested in. Otherwise I won't role-play or write about things that involve stuff I don't like or that is not mentioned in my interests list.
I also enjoy voice-acting/impersonations as well, so if there's a project you're working on that I may take interest in, then feel free to private message me.

:iconknuxfacepalmplz::iconsaysplz:Say Thank you when someone... by Drache-Lehre Registered & Protected 
05DQ-6DPE-TFHR-CPFS <-- All of my works are registered/protected through this website.

:iconnocopy1plz::iconnocopy2plz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz::iconatsd1::iconatsd2::iconatsd3::icondontshareplz-one::icondontshareplz-two::iconstop1plz::iconstop2plz::iconstop3plz::iconstop4plz:


(Listed In Order Of Top Priorities; But Might Jump Around Too Or Even Work On Them At The Same Time!)
I made this so I won't forget anything since I tend to have tons of ideas going on, but might not always have them finished for One of these possible reasons:
I might not always have the time to do so, Ran out of ideas, On a break, Might not be in the mood, OR Lack of inspiration. However, nonetheless I will make sure to get these done whenever I can.
My other purpose for this is so you'll know what future works to possibly expect from me.

Literature: (Current Status: Working at my own pace.)

"Team Fortress 2(TF2) Fan-Fiction: RED Team - Pyro x Medic (Yaoi)" for one of my bestest friends, F-Eagie -- :star-half: Started on April 19th, 2014. ((Wanting to make this as perfect as I can and make it a long story, but I am keeping ideas to hold onto.))

"Far Cry 3 Fan-Fiction: Female Reader-Insert x Vaas Montengro" :star-empty:
(Suggested by my friend 4NGRYW0LF. :hug:)
((It will be quite awhile before I can get started. Currently I need to get tons of information about the game and its characters along with the settings before I can begin writing. However, so far I have a pretty good canonical portrayal of Vaas, but writing the actual fan-fiction itself needs to be thought of well.))


Drawings: (Current Status: Working at my own pace.)

"Journey" (2012 Video Game) - Traditional Fan Art :star-empty:
"Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee" - Traditional Fan Art of a "Slig" :star-empty:
"SCP Containment Breach" - Traditional Fan Art :star-empty:

Star System:
:star-empty: = Not Started (don't worry, I always make sure to get to them when I can!)
:star-half: = Started On/Work In Progress or Half-Way Done
:star: = Complete, but still needs to be posted or Review everything to make sure there aren't any major mistakes before posting

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My Webcam (Journal Version)
Side Note: I do NOT own any of these images!
As the years go by, a lot of things change eh?UPDATE (2015)!: All of my interests are towards the middle/end of this journal, followed by a bit of "Question and Answer" at the very bottom!
I can remember the very first day I joined deviantART like it was only yesterday. I figured discussing this since I've noticed that I've really changed over the years from being not so sociable, to being sociable and open to new friends on this website. Including the many different interests that I've had change over the years.
Plus, with it being 2014 now; I guess I should do some kind of recap of my experience of being here for nearly 5 years now I suppose and bring in at least some kind of 2014 made journal entry since I rarely use journal entries anyways. :shrug:
I was the biggest "Sonic The Hedgehog" fanatic at the time, but at the same time I was a very shy person not being very sociable in real life nor having that many friends. I always liked to draw more back then, rather than comparing to today since I d

Adopted Son: :iconwerewolfnightmare101: Rysa 'Sazotee :hug:

Current Residence: Nosgoth (Material Realm / Spectral Realm)
Personal Quote: “The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” ~ Mewtwo - Pokémon: The First Movie

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You can find much more about my interests, information and username meaning here:…


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Why make such a poignant observation of DA's culture just to disable any discussion that could come of it?
Ah well, the point you made was fairly good, the way I see it, people have this meritocratic view of popularity on this site(and others), it's assumed that because a user or their art is popular it is objectively good or has substance or appeal. Basic argumentum ad populum, in reality, this is not the case, and like the artist you mentioned, many of the most popular artists are those that submit a lot of low quality art that turns up in the search results of big fandoms. 
Some of the best art and artists on this site have such low view counts and watchers comparative to the quality, hell, I'd say it's a trend in itself. The best comparison I could use would be Youtube, a channel that makes clickbait constant streams of garbage content will almost always be more popular than a channel that makes infrequent high quality videos with genuine titles and doesn't freeboot popular clicks.(Reactors for example, or Leafyishere, and other shit youtubers vs something like Jontron) Hell, the fastest growing Youtube channel right now might as well be the equivalent of a Deviantart recolor artist, this shit:…  Just shove a bunch of characters from popular franchises aimed at children and you've got it.
Anyway, tl;dr, I think people mistakenly equate popularity with quality and fellate talentless twats because of this, causing said twats to get bloated egos and feel like they're something special because they've got a bunch of views on Deviantart.
Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident; the only earthly certainty is oblivion.
(Also, long time no see bud :D)
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